Monday, May 26, 2008

Halo 3: matchmaking playlists changes for June  


The developers from Bungie have released the weekly update which includes a list of the changes for the Halo 3 matchmaking playlists in June. Gamers will probably be very interested in the Double EXP Weekends line-up as well as the updated DLC maps.

Those who prefer playing other game modes will find that the tweaks made to Head to Head, MLG, and SWAT games help balance the game. Here's a list of all the changes the developers revealed:


Added Head to Head (Ranked)

  • 1vs 1 hopper
  • Relies primarily on Duels-style Slayer (indicator over the head of the person with the high score)
  • Smaller maps customized in Forge
  • Smaller maps customized in Forge

Updated MLG

  • v5 map variants added
  • Forge map “Amplified” added for Slayer and KotH
  • Blackout replaces Guardian as Oddball map
  • Legendary not required on this playlist

Updated SWAT

  • ShWATguns variant added
  • Shotty starts
  • No shields, 150% damage resistance
  • SWATball variant added
  • SWAT style oddball
  • 200 points to win
  • SWAT 2 Flag variant added
  • SWAT style Capture the Flag
  • On The Pit and Snowbound
  • Players can not return flags, returns after 15 seconds on its own
  • 3 Flags to win


Updated Team Slayer

  • Decreased weighting on BR start game types

Updated Team Objective

  • Increased weighting on symmetrical map/gametype combinations, Example: Multi Flag on The Pit
  • Increased weighting on asymmetrical map/gametype combinations, Example: 1 Flag on High Ground

Updated Ranked Big Team

  • Updated Ranked Big Team
  • All restrictions are being removed
  • Fixed bug from May Mid-Month update that made the playlist require Legendary (The June playlist will only require Heroic)
  • If Ranked Big Team does not perform well this month, it may be retired in July


  • Updated Social Slayer
  • Team Snipers “Score to Win” requirement increased to 50


  • Updated DLC Slayer
  • Reintegrated Heroic Maps

Updated DLC Objective

  • Increased focus on asymmetrical games on Avalanche symmetrical games on Ghost Town
  • Reintegrated Heroic maps
  • Double EXP Weekends (In order of appearance)

Added Rockets

  • Added Rockets

Updated Grifball Spring League

  • Bug fixes from the May version so that Carrier Damage Resistance is correct
  • Bug fix so forced player color is correct when carrying the bomb

Updated Team Snipers

  • Score to Win requirements increased to 50 for slayer games

Added 3 Ball

  • 4v4v4v4 Gametypes with 3 Oddball

[Via Bungie]

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