Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How to Get Free Xbox Live Points  


I own an Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii and a Laptop that I also game on.So you can imagine how expensive it gets trying to buy games and accessories for each system. Enter Gaming Lagoon,I'm sure most of you have heard about sites that give you free Wii points, or free XBOX Live game time,but do any of them actually work? The only one I have found so far is Gaming Lagoon. Unlike those other sites, they don’t require you to use a credit card. You also aren’t required to get referrals to get your prize. A friend of mine put me on Gaming Lagoon, and I have to say I was a bit skeptical at first,remember that old saying if it's too good to be true it usually is. Well anyway he convinced me to sign up and I managed to get 15 points. Last Thursday I ran up another 5 points and got a Free Microsoft 1600 Point Card two days later shipped directly to my house from Amazon. All you're doing is taking surveys and different surveys are worth different points. After you’ve saved up enough, you can trade your points in for prizes or even request a custom prize. What that means is each point is worth $1.00 if you find something on a website for $20 and you have just over 20 points, all you have to do is send them the link and they will purchase it for you and ship it to your address. I honestly could not beleive it worked, I was still waiting for something to go wrong like the code wouldn't work or something but I went to enter it on Xbox.com and applied the 1600 points to my account with no problem. Now I can pick up a few games I've been holding out on, maybe even a map pack.
Here's what you do: Setup a free e-mail account, at Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or some other free email service that you want to be able to get rid of. Sign up at Gaming Lagoon with your real info and the dummy e-mail address. Make sure your name, address and phone are good, they won't send you your prizes otherwise. Now, start doing the surveys, follow the directions below the links at Gaming Lagoon carefully, using the dummy address. Some of the sites will send a confirmation e-mail before you can click completed and get the award. Get your 20 points and get a free card. Get 40 points and get a free wireless controller. Sounds easy doesn't it, thats because it is. Now I know some will run into a little trouble when trying to fill out the surveys because every system will have it's flaws and Gaming Lagoon is no exception they are not perfect. If you have trouble geting your credit or filling out surveys maybe these tips will help.
So if you run into trouble here are a few tips on getting started:

  1. Sometimes having filled out something from a particular vendor at a prior occasion will make you ineligable for participation for that offer and you will not be credited, don't fret you can fill other offers if one does not work.
  2. Some of the offers look for legitimate addresses and phone numbers, if the one you used is incorrect, you will not be credited, so take note and make sure your info is good.
  3. Clear your cookies (in Internet Explorer - Tools / Internet Options / Delete Cookies) regularly.
  4. If you fill out the one for the low number of points, for things like the True offers, you are inelligible for the one for a lot of points. I'd recommend looking at all the offers on Gaming Lagoon before you start filling out offers.
  5. I know a bunch of the items say "Complete first three pages", and this usually works, but I've found a higher success rate by just going ahead and finishing the surveys.

I hope you guys try this out it's for real. Right now i'm working on 4000 microsoft point card I'll let everyone know how it turns out.

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